Poster Contest Winner!

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted their work for the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’ Market Poster Contest. We are impressed with the work you submitted and so grateful that you took the time to create these wonderful pieces of art for the Farmers’ Market!

The winning piece was created by Alessia McCobb of Sound Pine Farm and ties together the Farmers’ Market’s 20th anniversary and the wide variety of vendors at our vibrant market. Congratulations, Alessia!

Artwork by Alessia McCobb, Sound Pine Farm

Thank you to all of our contestants.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next year!

Thank you for another great season at the Market!

Thank you to our 41 Market Vendors for another extraordinary market season! 

This year, people from all over the country visited the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’ Market. Over 20,000 cars passed through our parking lot from May through October and we saw cars from as far away as Alaska, Texas and Wyoming.

In the press, Down East Magazine named our market the Best Farmers Market in Maine, Sandy Stott wrote about his experience on the farm trails and at the market for  The Times Record, and Mary Pols wrote about dog life at the market for The Portland Press Herald.

At the Land Trust booth, we took in 58 new Land Trust memberships, completed 132 EBT transactions and welcomed 14 new EBT customers.

The Farmers’ Market has become a community within our community.  Next year we hope you’ll join us to celebrate this community’s 20th year. See you on May 4th!

In the meantime, keep your excitement for the Market alive with our Farmers’ Market Poster Contest! Click here to learn more.

No Dog Policy begins this Saturday

Please remember that the no dog policy at the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm begins this Saturday, October 6.

The Farmers’ Market struggled with the challenges of having dogs at the market for years and with amplified popularity of our beloved market, more challenges and concerns recently surfaced.  In the best interest of our visitors and to provide a safe, positive community space, BTLT board and staff found it necessary to adopt this policy. Since making that difficult decision in August, we have been notifying Farmers’ Market visitors, our membership, and our social media followers of this change in the hopes of easing the transition.

Leashed dogs are still welcome on Crystal Spring Farm trails and many other BTLT trails. Please see our trail map of Crystal Spring Farm by visiting this link:

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


BTLT in the News, “These little doggies will not be going to market”

“These little doggies will not be going to market”

September 9, 2018

Mary Pols wrote a well-balanced piece featured in The Source on Sunday, September 9 on the new dog policy at the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm.

One Monday morning this summer, Jacqui Koopman, the manager of the wildly popular Saturday morning market at Crystal Spring Farm, walked into her office and announced she’d had it.

Maybe it was the pooping that pushed her over the edge. Possibly the peeing. Lunging and snarling were also a problem.

“We have got to have a dog policy,” Koopman says she told her colleagues at the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, which runs the seasonal outdoor market. From her official vantage point at the market, standing behind a table in the middle of a rectangle of booths manned by oyster and vegetable farmers, cheesemakers, spice merchants, coffee roasters and bakers, she’d seen every manner of bad behavior, both from the four-legged attendees who lifted their legs on everything from tablecloths to coolers to the booths, and from the humans at the other end of their leashes.

Just the week before, as the market drew to a close, she said a co-worker called her attention to “a giant pile of dog poop” left in the middle of the market. A paper bag was lying next to it, as if signaling a right intention undermined by the wrong material.

Starting October 6, all dogs but those belonging to vendors will be banned from the market at Crystal Spring, which according to the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets, is believed to be the first outdoor market of the approximately 120 in the state to say no to dogs.

“I am not aware of any that prohibit customers from bringing dogs,” said Hanne Tierney, the chair of the federation’s board, as well as the chairman of farmers markets in Portland and Waterville.

But there is certainly debate. Tierney said in an email that customer surveys show that people “feel strongly on both sides of the issue.”

In Brunswick, the issue has been discussed before. “For 19 years,” Angela Twitchell, the executive director of the land trust, said ruefully. “As long as the market has been there (at Crystal Spring).” They’ve tried signage, outlining the rules – including leashes and keeping your dog out of the vendors’ booths – and gentle in-person persuasion.

“We have talked to people about it,” Twitchell said. “We have had board members and volunteers at the market handing out little cards when we have seen misbehaving dogs and owners.”

But between dog “quarrels” as the land trust sweetly describes it, small children being scared by big dogs and the issue of defecation and urination – along with related food safety issues – the market, which is overseen by 19 board members, felt the tipping point was reached this summer.

“It was getting worse,” Twitchell said. “The board felt it was becoming a safety concern.”

To read the full story, click here.

Dogs at the Farmers’ Market

Sadly the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust board and staff have found it necessary to adopt a no dog policy at the Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm beginning October 6.

The Farmers’ Market has struggled with the challenges of having dogs in the busy space of our Market for years. More recently, the amplified popularity of the market has brought an increased number of dogs to the market green which unfortunately has caused more challenges and concerns for public safety.  These challenges have included dog quarrels, defecation, unhealthy conditions created by dogs in vendor booths, and safety concerns such as not respecting the space of small children and the tripping hazard of leashes. In the best interest of our visitors and to provide a safe, positive community space we will institute this new policy at the Farmers’ Market beginning the first Saturday of October.

We encourage you to visit the trails at Crystal Spring Farm and the other BTLT trails where leashed dogs are welcome. Please see our trail map of Crystal Spring Farm by visiting this link:

Thank you for your understanding.