Happy Pride Month!

Though Pride is meant to be a celebration, we must remember and acknowledge that it began out of strife. This hardship continues today, and we are saddened by the 540+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills that have been introduced in state legislatures in 2023 alone, with over 220 bills specifically targeting transgender and non-binary people. BTLT may be a small land trust in Maine, but we can still have a voice and an impact. We acknowledge that the outdoors have historically not been a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and many other marginalized communities. Over the past two years, we’ve hosted 14+ events in close partnership with Queerly ME. Together, we aspire to begin to break down that barrier, hoping that LGBTQIA+ folks can feel safe, accepted, and comfortable walking the trails and participating in outdoor activities with their fellow community members. Through events like these, we can help cultivate intergenerational safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ connection, community building, and outdoor exploration. We’ve been thrilled to see Queerly ME grow, collaborating with other local land trusts and environmental organizations, providing even more positive outdoor experiences for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Serving as Brunswick Pride’s fiscal sponsor this year has been an honor; we’re grateful  to be able to build trust with our LGBTQIA+ friends and neighbors in this way. We are so excited to again have a table at Brunswick Pride Festival, alongside the Cathance River Education Alliance, on June 10th from 12-5pm on Brunswick town mall. Pick up a BTLT trail map, and learn more about our LGBTQIA+ programs, Maine mammals, minerals, and birds. The first 100 visitors can pick up a kid’s Rainbow Hike Kit! Other local organizations and businesses will be tabling in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. There will also be live performances, music, family-friendly games and activities, food, and a Makers’ Market. Learn more at www.brunswickpride.org.

Big shoutout to our LGBTQIA+ staff members, volunteers, business partners, family members, friends, neighbors, and more. We’re so glad you’re a part of our community!

Photos of BTLT/Queerly ME events by Kyle Warnock of Queerly ME.

Recolor the Outdoors with Alex Bailey

Did you know that according to recent National Park Service data, roughly 77% of visitors to national parks are white?

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting this moving TEDx by Alex Bailey, founder of Black Outside, Inc.

Despite the rapidly changing demographics of the United States, the outdoors remains a non-diverse space. In his TED talk, Alex discusses the numerous benefits to spending time in nature, yet a lack of engagement for many communities of color today, particularly in the Black/African-American community, due to safety, access, relevancy, and representation. Although participation in outdoor activities remains predominantly white, many communities of color have centuries of history in nature, both tragic and triumphant. As painful as these histories have sometimes been, a deeper understanding of these dual truths could be the key to ensuring that the future of the outdoors is not only relevant but representative of the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States.

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Giving Tuesday 2021

 Enjoy the trails of BTLT’s properties?
Want to ensure folks of all abilities can enjoy them as well?
This Giving Tuesday, consider donating to BTLT as we raise funds for
The Woodward Point Accessible Trail Project!
Partnering with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, we are working hard to create a level, half-mile trail at Brunswick’s popular Woodward Point Preserve. Join the effort and make a gift today—every dollar counts toward our $132,000 goal! We want community members of all abilities to enjoy Maine’s beautiful natural spaces. Our goal is to build an accessible trail and parking to facilitate access for all visitors, including people who need a level surface to walk, use a wheelchair, or push a stroller. Click here to donate!

When you give today, you will help:

  • establish a level, half-mile accessible trail with a stone dust surface
  • make Woodward Point safe and accessible to more people
  • expand local outdoor opportu­nities for people of all abilities



Thank you for considering a gift to help us enhance this community preserve!

If you haven’t yet joined us as a member, we encourage you to do so. If you are already a member but haven’t yet renewed your membership this fiscal year, we encourage you to do so. And if you find yourself in a position to increase your donation or make an additional gift to us this year, we could use your help now, more than ever.