The Maine Food Strategy

Maine Food WorksThe Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust has been working for decades to support your local farm and food economy by protecting farmland and working waterfronts, establishing the Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm, creating the Tom Settlemire Community Garden, and co-developing the “Local Farms – Local Foods” program.

As such, we support the goals of the Maine Food Strategy (MFS) initiative and are happy to spread the word about this effort.

The MFS aims to bring Mainers together to brainstorm effective ways to develop a robust food economy in our state.

This encompasses all aspects of the food economy –  land use, health and nutrition, labor, culture, food security, investment and more.  

The people behind MFS are engaging in an inclusive, participatory process and would like to hear from you! They are touring the state to ask questions and listen – really listen – to your thoughts on what we have, what we need, and what we can envision for the future of food and farms in Maine.

Your knowledge is important. We want to be sure that the people at MFS hear from the people of our community as they gather input that will influence the future direction of the food system in Maine. 

To be part of this important process, please check out the MFS tour schedule at #MaineFoodWorks Fall 2014 Tour online

For more information about the MFS initiative, visit

Pictures from the Cathance River Exploration

So many thanks to everyone that joined us last Saturday! We had a great time getting to know you.

Many thanks to Rol and Jim for leading the paddle, and to Ellen Rodgers for the great pictures!





Events like these are made possible by our members and the Land Trust’s Campaign for Brunswick-Topsham. Join today

Our events email is about to go out. Sign up if you’re not on the list at

Artwork by your Young Explorers!

After a wonderful summer of adventuring, the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust’s Young Explorers spent some time drawing their most exciting finds and sites of the season.

These drawings show hands full of blueberries, salamanders, and flowers, scenes of birds, trees, mushrooms, and summer of learning and fun.

Check out their gallery below!








Want to get your kids involved?

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2014 Bowdoin Environmental Fellow: Thank you Wilder!

Sharing a quick video from Bowdoin College that features Wilder Nicholson, our 2014 Bowdoin Environmental Fellow who served as an intern here at the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust this summer.

We’re so excited to show you some of the results of Wilder’s work including a new interactive trail map and a brand new video featuring our trails and all the work that you as members do.

Thank you so much Wilder!

The full Bowdoin College article is here:

“Let your children grow up to be farmers”

Credit: Huff Post:

Credit: Huff Post:

Did you read the NY Times article that circled around Facebook last week with the catchy title: “Don’t let your children grow up to be farmers”?

Well here’s a counter-argument that we just had to pass on:

The NY Times article:…
The Huffington Post response:…

$7 million dollars
Keeping our food local and sustainable is part of what we’re about at the Land Trust, and it is a big part of the Land Trust’s “Campaign for Brunswick Topsham.” We’re nearing in on a $7 million goal, and need everyone in the community to help.

Show your support at:

As a member of the Land Trust, you make a huge difference in the lives of the farming families in your community.

85 years of the Bisson Farm

Credit: John Patriquin/Staff Photographer with the Portland Press Herald

Credit: John Patriquin/Staff Photographer with the Portland Press Herald

We were so excited to see this article!

85 years of the Bisson Farm

If you appreciate farmland that is nice to look at and productive, you might be familiar with the area where the Bissons raise their 400 or more head of beef cattle and dairy cows on 500 acres in Topsham.

Go local food!

Sunday’s Press Herald featured the Bisson farm in a wonderful article about this successful farming family. Be sure to check it out!

Your new bridge on the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust’s Trails!


Gary Fogg, the Land Trust’s volunteer extraordinaire, led a small team of volunteers to design and build a new bridge at the entrance of the Land Trust’s Cathance River trail in Head of Tide Park. Made from local materials the bridge spans about 13 feet across a small stream and totals 32 feet with the stone ramps.

New additions like this are part of the progress being made as part of the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust’s campaign for Brunswick Topsham, a 3 year, $7 million campaign that has already raised $5.8 million to build community in your town.

The final push of the campaign will happen over the next 4 months as we ask the community to join in membership to support the programs and trails that help make this such a great place to live.

If you see Gary, Wayne Whitney, Cheri Brunault, or our own Caroline Eliot, and Wilder Nicholson, be sure to say thanks for all of their hard work! It’s a beautiful addition to yet another great getaway in Mid-coast Maine.

If you haven’t been on the bridge yet, head over to, download a map for the Cathance River trail, and get out on a trail this week.

You can support the trail work that helps make this such a great community to live in by being a member of the Land Trust. Be a part of the team at:

Are you interested in working on our stewardship team? Contact Caroline by leaving a message at

Sucess! – Taking Root Plant Sale


To everyone that joined the Land Trust at the Community Garden’s Taking Root Plant Sale last Saturday: Thank you!

Your efforts resulted in almost $4,000 for the Tom Settlemire Community Garden. This is $1,000 more than last year, and a tremendous support.

Now make those plants grow!

As summer itself takes root, there’s a lot to do at the garden, and programs like this are why the Land Trust is in such a historic transformation right now.

As part of our Building Community Campaign, you have helped us grow funds for new programs ranging from guided hikes, to local food programs, to educational programs in your children’s classrooms and on our conserved lands.

It’s a tremendous time to be involved. If you’re not a member of the Land Trust, consider joining today or

You might even win the Kayak that builds community!

Our kids need more nature

Survey of parents worldwide: Kids aren’t spending enough time out of doors, and it is incredibly important to their development.
Playing at the new bridge on the Land Trust trails at Cathance River

TNC notes that “82% of parents view spending time in nature as “very important” to their child’s development”.

In the first global study of its kind, The Nature Conservancy conducted a survey of parents in the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, France, and China in the first global survey on how much time kids spend outside, and the importance of that nature time that parents place on that nature connection.

In addition, they cite a number of studies that directly tie the time spent outside in nature with better health and improvement in the classroom.

Kids need nature, and Maine is no different.

That is why the members of the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust have been placing such a high priority on building our community through new event programs, science in the classroom programs, internships, youth work days, and more recently, a Young Explorers program.

Your current capital campaign is helping us build new programs, develop new trails, and broaden our focus to include the things that you as members continue to say are important in our community.

See the full info graphic at: a great info graphic by The Nature Conservancy based on their survey here:

And if you’re not a member of the Land Trust, consider joining at, or better yet,

Playing at the new bridge on the Land Trust trails at Cathance RiverYoung members of the Land Trust at a recent 2014 eventEnjoying a Land Trust event at the Tom Settlemire Community Garden

Land Trust Educational Programs

Credit: Alex Lear, the Forecaster

The Forecaster included a very nice segment on our Young Green Thumbs educational program for ages 4 and older.

On May 7th some of your children attended the first session in our free after school series, Young Green Thumbs. It advocates local food and the protection of farmland, as well as connects kids with our natural world. This series is made possible by the Land Trust’s Local Farm Local Food program, in conjunction with Kennebec Estuary Land Trust.

The Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust has been in a trans-formative campaign that will culminate later this year. Our focus is broadening to include many community building programs, and our members are the ones making it all possible.

See more about the importance of the work you make possible by watching the video below.

Read the full Forecaster article here: