Take a Hike: Visit yesteryear at Cathance River Trail and Head of Tide Park, Topsham

June 20, 2018

It’s summertime in Maine and with this beautiful weather comes lots of great hiking! One of our favorites that was recently featured in the Coastal Journal is the Cathance River Trail.

The well-packed path, suitable for all ages, is easily traversed snaking southward and west as it follows the twisting river course. At the outset it crosses Adams Landing and Cathance Roads, then runs alongside a meadow humming with insects.

Wooden planking covers a wet area that passes through a patch of enormous skunk cabbage and cinnamon fern. Hemlocks, black spruce, poplar, oak, beech and birch trees abound providing an ideal wildlife habitat for whitetail deer (we caught site of a doe), ducks, beaver, squirrels and raccoon.

Pink Lady Slippers, now in full bloom, can be seen along with diminutive white snowcap flowers and patches here and there of wild strawberries, and blueberries. A series of timbers serve nicely as steps in two areas running downhill. A row of flat stones were laid to carry hikers across a boggy area.

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