Your Land: Traveling at Woodward Point Preserve

Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and Maine Coast Heritage Trust teamed together to conserve Woodward Point, a beautiful property in Brunswick with water access, rolling fields, and forest. Sandy Stott recently wrote about the new preserve in the Times Record, urging folks to enjoy the area by land or sea.

Get to the point!” Those of us with digressive, story-telling tendencies have heard this before. But in the context of this piece, the point is The Point, as in Brunswicks new Woodward Point Preserve. Its still a command, but obeying this imperative will get you onto a trail or into a kayak. It will set you free, even if only briefly.

Shoreline Maine is, of course rife with points, land poking out into waters both serene and ruffled. Woodward Point Preserve is unusual in that for decades it was an 80+ acre working, saltwater farm. Once common along Maines coast, saltwater farms and their land opening down to the sea are rare these days, especially in southern/midcoast Maine. The land has grown too valuable for eking out a living on it from slow-growing crops or animals.

So when, a few years back, the owners of this farm with two miles of shorefront got in touch with local and regional land trusts to explore selling the land, those trusts’ eyes opened wide. What an opportunity! The meeting of that opportunity has been its own feel-good story about individuals, conservation organizations, grant-makers and local government coming together to save land and create public access to our waters. Last spring, under the leadership of two Brunswick-based conservation organizations, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, saw the completion of this ambitious, multi-year effort to purchase the farm on Woodward Point.

Click here to read the complete piece by Sandy Stott in the Times Record.