Brunswick Climate Action Task Force Seeks Volunteers

The town of Brunswick is actively seeking volunteers for a Climate Action Task Force, helping the Town develop a Climate Action Plan (CAP)! Comprised of residents, community stakeholders, and industry leaders, this group will convene for one year to oversee the development of the CAP, a plan that will utilize information on town-wide greenhouse gas emissions and vulnerability to climate change to chart a meaningful, action-oriented strategy in Brunswick’s fight against climate change. 

The Task Force will be composed of a diverse group of community stakeholders and industry leaders, with representation consisting of at least one member from each of the following sectors: 

  • Sustainability & Adaptation | Waste Reduction & Management, Recycling & Composting Climate & Environmental Sciences 
  • Transportation | Transportation (pedestrian, bike, motor, etc.), Carbon Footprint, Emissions, and Pollution 
  • Business | Economic Development, Business & Finance 
  • Planning & Development | Housing, Construction & Building Operations, Sustainable Infrastructure, Community Development & Town Planning 
  • Energy | Electricity, Renewable Energy 
  • Food Systems | Agriculture & Aquaculture 
  • Natural Resources | Marine Resources, Rivers & Coastal Waters 
  • Land Use & Conservation | Land Conservation, Environmental Health and Diversity 

Curious to learn more? Check out the Climate Action Task Force Charge and the Town website for more information.  

The deadline to apply for a seat on the Task Force is April 10th, 2023 by 4:30pm.  

Applications may be filled out online as well as in person in the Town Clerk’s Office. Please direct all related questions to either:

Ashley Charleson, Brunswick’s Environmental Planner | 207-725-6659 |

James Ecker, Chair of Brunswick’s Recycling and Sustainability Committee | 207-417-5216 |