Blueberry Pickin’ Time

It is that time of year when hot and humid days fill the forecast and for those willing to spend time toiling under the sun, those visiting Crystal Spring Farm will be richly rewarded these next few weeks as lowbush blueberries come into season and continue to ripen over the next few weeks. 

Please note that the Land Trust only owns a small section of the barren and has roped off a roughly 1.3 acre section for agriculture that is not open to the public for u-pick. The much larger adjacent property is leased and managed by Seth Kroeck, Crystal Spring’s farm manager and owner of Maquoit Wild Blueberries, for the commercial sale of organic blueberries. Please do not pick beyond the Land Trust’s clearly marked property boundary. The boundary line is marked with metal stakes and signs, and the lone trees in the middle of the field mark part of the boundary.

Our blueberry barren is located south of Pleasant Hill Road. To access it, you can park at the Crystal Spring Farm trail parking area and take the East Trail.  Where the East Trail intersects the Blueberry Loop, take a right toward the field and you’ll find blueberries! 

As you enjoy the blueberries and engage in this wonderful rite of summer, please respect a few important rules:

Stay on our property: There are maps indicating the property lines posted at primary entrances to our property.

Park responsibly: While we prefer that people use the parking area described above and walk to the barren, it is also possible to park along Pleasant Hill Road near the gate approximately 0.75 mile from Maine Street. If you park on Pleasant Hill Road:

  • DO NOT BLOCK THE FARM ROAD OR GATE The road must be accessible to farm and fire equipment at all times.
  • Park only on the south side of Pleasant Hill Road (the side the blueberries are on). With cars parked on both sides of the road, pedestrians crossing, runners and bikers, and farm equipment all converging – it makes for a very unsafe situation.

If you have questions, give us a call at 207-729-7694. Happy picking!