Annual Meeting Recording & Photos

Thanks to all who joined us for our 2023 Annual Meeting on November 9th!

We had about 100 people present at this year’s meeting!   

If you were unable to attend, or if you’re interested in watching the recording, you can view it here.
1:50 Land acknowledgement
4:11 Agenda
5:10 Financial report
8:05 Governance (elections etc.)
12:40 Development Report
16:00 Organization updates
22:00 Short film (5 mins)
37:15 Land conservation update
39:40 Stewardship update
50:05 CREA education and school programs update
1:01:57 Agriculture programs update
1:13:24 Public events update and CREA camp update
1:24:00 Brief remarks by BTLT’s new Executive Director
You can also watch Nolan Lyne’s short video here.
Every year, we host the Annual Meeting, informing you, our community, of BTLT’s latest updates, financial status, and board changes. Now we want to hear from YOU! Feedback is greatly appreciated so we can improve our meeting’s format, content, offerings, and accommodations. Please take a moment to fill out this short, anonymous survey.
Thank you to our event sponsor, Eaton Peabody. Thank you to Nomad Maine for hosting us and providing staff support and drinks. Thank you to Wild Oats for dessert treats.
Thank you to YOU, our members, for your steadfast support and engagement!

(Left to right) BTLT members Lisa Durrell, Jane Berry, Ann Gardner, Carla Rensenbrink, and board member Susan Rae Reeves (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT Communications Manager Lydia Coburn shares a short video highlighting our past year, available for viewing on Youtube (Credit: Sean Thomas)

BTLT Agricultural Programs Manager Julia St.Clair chatting with BTLT Board Member Nick Whatley and new Executive Director Steve Walker (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT Board Members Rol Fessenden, Tom Settlemire, and Averil Fessenden (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT’s new Executive Director Steve Walker mingling with members (Credit: Sean Thomas)


We love our Business Partners! Shoutout to Kevin and Corinne from McNish (Credit: Sean Thomas)


Harriet Van Vleck (left) of Merrymeeting Food Council chatting with members Jen and Rick Wells (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT members Steven Pelletier and Jym St. Pierre (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT board members Brad Babson and Liz Armstrong (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT members Craig and Barbara Snapp, and Ann Nelson (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT’s new Stewardship Coordinator, Sam Thomason (left), and Nolan Lyne (right) who created our great FY2023 video, available for viewing on Youtube (Credit: Sean Thomas)


BTLT board member Tim Paul and Associate Director Caroline Eliot (Credit: Sean Thomas)