BTLT is dedicated to healthy food and healthy farmland in our community.

As we all deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak, eating healthy to stay healthy is more important than ever. So is supporting our local farmers who are facing the same challenges as other small businesses across the globe.

Toward that end we are doing our best to help our community continue to access their fresh products. Check the BTLT Facebook page for regular updates, and use the links to the right for other up-to-date information:

  • Merrymeeting Food Council has ideas for how to continue to support farms, as well as a comprehensive, up to date list of where you can access the products of each farm.
  • Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association has created a list of where you can access local seafood.
  • The Cooperative Extension has developed an online map showing available Maine farm products and seafood, and alternative pick-up options.
  • The BTLT Saturday Farmers at Crystal Spring Farm web page has up to date links to all our producers websites – where you can get more information on how to access their products.
  • Currently, the Brunswick Winter Market facebook page is the most readily updated location where various producers share how you can get their products.

If you or a neighbor or family member are struggling to access food, you can review a comprehensive list of food access locations HERE.

In general, remember:

  • Food bought right from your local farms has had the fewest hands touching it.
  • All farmers follow food safety guidelines in handling.
  • Locally grown food is more nutrient dense.
  • Wash your hands after touching money.
  • Wash all food before eating and cooking.
  • Wash your hands and food prep surfaces before cooking.
  • Remember to sanitize all frequently touched surfaces, don’t forget cell phones, car keys, your car, etc.