A Note to Our Members and Partners

Your steadfast support of our work is absolutely remarkable and we are grateful that you continue to support our conservation, stewardship, education, and community engagement work as generously as you do. Thank you. On June 30th we wrapped up Fiscal Year 2023, and though we are still calculating the final results, early indications show:

  • Nearly 80% of our Members and Partners renewed their support;
  • Over 1,150 people donated over $415,000 in support of our operating budget, a new program high; and
  • We welcomed 260 new supporters.

Your financial support puts us on a strong financial footing as we now formally join together with the Cathance River Education Alliance (CREA) into one organization. We are excited to continue our critical work of protecting valued local landscapes and resources and are thrilled to now add CREA’s school programs and summer camp to our joint offerings. Your dollars make all of this possible. Thank you.