2021 Seed Orders, It is that Time…

In 2020 there were shortages and delays in seed availability as more people turned to gardening in response to food shortages and food supply fears brought on by Covid.  While seed companies local to the northeast confirm they don’t expect similar supply chain problems this season (read NY Times article here), BTLT staff have already experienced narrowed ordering windows, and longer delivery times.  We suggest ordering seed far ahead of time this season in expectation of longer delivery time frames.

Where to Order: 

How to Store:  Ideally in the refrigerator or other cool place, in light blocking containers.  While seeds can survive at room temperature, they will last longer when kept in cool, dark environments.

For more information check out the Maine Cooperative Extension’s gardening pages, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s fact sheets, or Merrymeeting Food Council’s gardening resources.  Both the Cooperative Extension and MOFGA offer free educational classes, we suggest checking out their event schedules.