The 10 Best (and Worst) States to Eat Local

(Photo: Monica Itziar Aya Cuesta/ Getty Images)

(Photo: Monica Itziar Aya Cuesta/ Getty Images)

Ever wonder how Maine ranks on the local food index compared with other states?

It turns out we’re number 2 in the nation.

The annual Locavore Index paints a great story for us in Bowdoin, Brunswick, and Topsham.

Not only do we have nationally recognized chefs, great restaurants, and some of the best farmers markets, but we have a community that cares about the local food that the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and others work so hard to protect.

From conserving local farmland, providing programs to problem solve with local farming families, to helping establish food hubs that make local farming possible, you as members are helping to make it all possible.

(Now let’s beat Vermont…)

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